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We Shared the Warmth

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We Shared the Warmth


It was snowing when we left for Guiding Eyes, big soft flakes that didn’t stick on the roads and blanketed the old, dirty snow banks left over from a previous storm.  I was excited. We made our fundraising goal and were sponsoring the January graduation. Thanks to my family and friends Verona and I would be celebrating five years together. It’s been one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve had since losing my vision. Through Verona I’ve learned more about myself, my abilities and how the unconditional regard, love and loyalty of just one dog can forever change things for the better. Through Verona I’ve found a new connection and second family. I’ve met people who also have experienced what I have and others who assist in creating this through expertise and true caring and kindness.   I am speaking of the Guiding Eyes staff and volunteers. It takes a village to raise a puppy and the connections continue once the dog and handler step onto the path together.  As handlers we overcome barriers and obstacles every day and when we need it, the Guiding Eyes family is there to help. Thank you for everything and for this gift on four paws.



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