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Making meaningful connections through media

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 Informed, creative results with a balanced focus

 I am an expert in developing and maintaining client relationships And highlighting a clients
strengths and goals while keeping the creative finger to the pulse of your business or organization.

This is accomplished by identifying a client’s mission, vision and values via targeted exploration.
We will peel the onion and rebuild it along with your relationship with the target audience.
Is the online content or printed materials for your business, agency or organization not connecting with your customer base?
Is the information presented outdated or uninteresting? would the current content and customer materials benefit from an update with an informed, compassionate style?

Does your business, agency or organization treat social media like a hot potato, tossing the
admin responsibilities onto unsuspecting staffers without much hope for success?
If your agency, organization or business doesn’t require a complete service profile, there is
another option called a boost. A business boost provides less concentrated services:
 Writing social media posts, web content and podcast content Content editing and product research.

Past projects

Website content and accessibility and design consultant:

Insight the Voice of ACBNY newsletter Editor-in-chief
2014 to 2021. Issues in pdf and docx upon request.

Podcast SCRIPT
This is chat and connect

A place for conversations about disability, society and culture.

For expanded description and show notes:

Chat and connect Is a podcast and platform for conversations with a perspective on people with
disabilities in society and culture. We want to highlight the talent and passion, the struggles and change-
makers in today’s disability leaders. We want to engage and empower listeners with stories, ideas and solutions while we chat and connect.

Questions or comments? Call Westchester Disabled on the Move at 914.968.4717

Or find us on the web at

Westchester disabled on the move is a 501-c-3 nonprofit independent living center serving people with

disabilities in Westchester County, New York.

We are Coming to you from Yonkers, Westchester county’s largest city and the City in the Center of it


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