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Season’s Greetings

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The year was full of good and bad things, but what bummed me out the most was not being chosen for a service dog anthology. I sent high quality work but it was not good enough. I’m fighting the doubts that I’ll never be more than just an amateur and no one will want to remember what I’ve written.

I’m hoping the New Year is better.
How to Deal with Rejection
Rreading the letter
Tears at my fiber
Cramps the gut
Punctures resolve.

The shock, disbelief, anger, and deal making
Obliterate the Hope of acceptance
And when ready,
In mere moments after receiving the news,
Fingers will grasp the wickedly pointed D shaped pin
(For Disappointment (
And stick it resignedly into the tenderness within.

Pain is proof of progress.

December 2009

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