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Zen For The Blind

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Not sure if anyone else has experience this, but I’ve found that being blind has made it awkward in houses of worship. I’m not talking about the spiritual process in a personal sense. What I’m talking about is the logistics of the actual ceremony. It’s something I haven’t gotten used to, even with Ro at my side.

For instance, going up for the host at a Catholic Mass is nothing less than an effort in frustration due to narrow iles.

Catholic calastentics aside, even when I went to our local Zen center, although the monks were helpful and understanding of my disability, I still felt like I was being left out of the ceremony because I didn’t know when to bow or find the altar .I suppose as long as I keep at it and work to educate the clergy wherever we go, it will improve. I won’t feel like a fish out of water; well, I am a Pisces, so that’s quite appropriate.

This is, of course, just one perspective of one blind lady in one city in the huge world.

In the words of a 13th Centry Dogen:
“We study the self to forget the self. When we forget the self, we become intimate with All Things.”

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