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Moving On

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Yes, I’m moving on to …another job. Actually, Verona and I will be moving on to assist returning Veterans and their families by providing mental health support for readjustment to civillian life. I will be commuting to White Plains, NY, our County seat. The commute to Northwest Yonkers was long and I’m glad to be closer to home. It’s probably the same distance, however, it’s not across County, thank goodness; a feat which Westchester public transportation authorities haven’t figured out how to make easily attainable without it taking 2 hours to go 10 miles. Anyway, I’ll be in the hub of activity while also having flexibility on how to get there.

The other great part about this opportunity is that I will finally be able to obtain my family therapy license and most likely sit for my exam next year.

So, I’ve waited five years and have been rewarded. I can’t wait to dig in and get to work.

What I’m leaving is some of the most determined folks I’ve met in a long time. Specifically, Scott Smith, who, as my acting supervisor, has taught me that a person is foremost and his/her disability secondary. I want to print him a t-shirt that says, “people First”, because that’s what he promoted by just being himself. He is often held prisoner by his body but hismind and spirit carry on and working with Scott inspired me each and every day. We shared a lot about our love of writing, assessing and assisting folks with mental health/peer counseling and he never discouraged my dream of one day becoming a therapist. Three years later, I’m doing what I was born to do and he has wished me well unselfishly, caringly and with professional dignity.
I’ll miss it but it feels like I’ve graduated from middle school to high school.

Well, time to wrap up thislong post by saying I’m also grateful to those who listened to me bitch and kept a supportive and caring attitude. Smiles and wags from Annie and ro.

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