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Hello loved ones, colleagues and friends,

Please support my leadership  efforts serving as a Graduate Council member for Guiding Eyes  for the Blind by making a donation  of $20 or more on my behalf.  The Graduate Council volunteers by performing follow up interviews and graduate support for new guide dog teams.

Due to the  less than lucrative economic climate, I  am asking for assistance so I will be able to participate in our annual Graduate Council weekend in October .

During the weekend, we will be participating in team building,  meet with other key Guiding Eyes staff members and the Canine Development Center, and much more.

Most importantly, It is a chance for us to  once again be with our Guiding Eyes family and for Guiding eyes staff to reunite with  the graduates and the dogs provided to us free of charge. Your donation will help offset the cost of transportation and other costs associated with providing  the 9 member Council with meals and lodging.

Thank you for supporting Guiding Eyes and the pride and independence it gives to its graduates by teaming us up with these canine partners.

*** All donations must be received by September 15, 2012. ***


Thank you very much

Annie &  Guiding Eyes Verona

Begin donation instructions:

Go to:

Enter your gift amount.

Under “Special Gift Opportunities” – select “Graduate Council.”

Under “Memorial and Tribute Gift Information”

1-Select “Yes” this is a memorial or tribute gift

2- Under “Honor Gift Type” select In Honor of

3-Enter Graduate Council Member name under Honoree Name Ann Chiappetta


4-Under “Is this gift in memory/honor of a Guiding Eyes Graduate” check yes



Thank you.  Your gift will help me to do more work for a mission I care so much about.




Ann Chiappetta M.S. and Verona

Guiding Eyes Grad Council

Twitter: Anniedungarees

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