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Putting on the Annie

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I had a very relaxing weekend with friends. I shed the mom, wife, and therapist personas and put on the Annie. It was wonderfully invigorating and peaceful at the same time. I didn’t do anything earth shattering, either. I hung out, watched movies and spent time with  people who are just like me, who just want to be with others who can talk, laugh, and  be accepting.


If I’m making this sound sappy or overly Pleasantville-ish, it’s because I usually don’t get the chance to connect with the parts of myself that I often overlook due to necessity, responsibility, or in the interest of not giving in to over commitment.


What is the most fulfilling for me during these outings is the normalcy, the similarity to life without dark reminders. The time spent is time well spent . Even Verona had a vacation and that too, for me at least, is part of it.  I spend more time with her than any one person, including my family. I want her to be as relaxed as I am and over the weekend she was a happy girl. She played with the other dog, tried to make friends with the ever elusive kitty, and was spoiled rotten by my hosts. She loved napping in the sun beams, teasing the other dog until he chased her and ran circles around him until her tongue lolled and she got tired. She slept next to me on the bed and didn’t wake up until the morning.  She liked it as much as I did, I know this because she felt right at home.


Back to home, work, chores, and responsibilities.  The next day of Annie will be coming soon.

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