Ann Chiappetta

Making Meaningful Connections

A poem

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By Ann Chaippetta


Goodbyes were said long ago

Although I couldn’t say why.

A life of 80 years has ended

And with it, the deal making begins

Preceeded by melancholy

Preceded by guilt and  denial

And  anger, the funereal umbrella

A Black winged shroud

Flapping and snapping

Refusing to fold.


Preceded by watching my father  slowly die


A young girl’s fractured attachments

Brought on by divorce

A father’s quiescent avoidance

Built the wall in due course.


I know

Sad refrains and death’s bitter dirges

I’ve grieved since  age nine

Of death and dying, what do I really know?

I question

the purity of loss, the sanctity of morning

Because I surely haven’t achieved either

With the solemnity of a widow’s attire

Or baptism by fire

Though I’ve tried.


What I know

Flutters  like film strips

Time lapsed, momochrome, and silent.

In this heart and mind

All there is, all that has gone

Is feather on stone

Wind on water








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