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Dog Blogumentary part 6: Reunion

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He is sweet, yellow

A big fluffy fellow


Toasted darker

On ears and tail tip

Gives a nibble and a lick

Golden eyes

Better than cash

He comes with a snow nose

And personality to last


It’s Bailey



Hello again, readers, this blog entry will spread over a few days which I will call reunion week. It will begin with preparing for Bailey’s return as well as his introduction to the Chiappetta pets and humans, then it will wrap up with graduation. So, get out the tissues and be ready for a long post.

Monday, March 23: This morning was good. I felt much better and feel like whatever has had its hold upon my chest is slowly leaving. The doctor gave me a checkup and sent me home with a note stating I was ready for work and training once again. I left the office so much happier than I’ve been in days. I was depressed, moping around like I lost my favorite toy. It was like getting my sea legs back, and now I’m feeling even better.


I got home and contacted Guiding Eyes. An hour later, the instructor called me and we agreed that Mr. B will come to work on Wednesday around noon time. We’ll get started a bit around there and then go home and introduce him to Verona, Nikka, Titan and April. Jerry will be working and not get to say hello until later that night. The rest of the week will get planned out with the instructor depending on what I need to catch up on, etc.


Saturday will mean a lot of excitement and, yes, tears. They will be for me, the warm and appreciative kind; I can’t wait to finally get to be with Bailey again. I can’t wait to meet his puppy raiser, for whom he was named. So, I’ve been puttering around, getting food bins arranged, grooming tools and supplies organized and thinking about how good it will feel to hold that harness handle.


He’s back. Our reunion was wonderful; he nibbled my chin and licked my face. We settled the office and went out for a walk. It was great, we took off where we left off. Got a cramp halfway through it but Bailey slowed down and accommodated me. This, to me, is amazing. Verona, as good as she was, only had one speed. This boy, well, he has two speeds and I really like this about him. He is also patient when I need a breather.


We got home and the animal reunion was intense but good. However Titan decided he didn’t want to be introduced and Bailey barked and that was that. Nikka and Verona were good and now, a few hours later, as I write this, mostly they are all settled. Titan and Bailey will work it out just like Nikka and Titan did.


So, will write another post after graduation. Thanks for reading.


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