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flamethrowers for all

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Flame throwers for Everyone
}blame this post on the cold medicine}

Dear readers, this is not a homicidal post, perish the thought. I’ll leave those stories to more established authors like King and Koontz. This one is for those times when one cannot sleep, when the mind wanders. It is a ‘what if” — How would, a blind person, attempt to even survive in the zombie apocalypse? If what the stories, movies and gory series tell us, someone who is blind will most likely end up voluntarily dead or eating human flesh a la George A. Romero.

So, thinks I, spouse of a survival freak, how would a blind person survive these horrific conditions? Yup, self-defense would demand the most bang, or burn, for the buck. In comes the flame thrower. The model we would like on our wish list is $3200 but hey, it is compatible for napalm, should we find any of it while incinerating maniacal, frothing, people eating people.
So, what’s on your wish list?

Listen to New Interview

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Hello , Branco Events News has published a new article on our website. InPerspective 89 – With Author Ann Chiappetta Talking About Guide Dogs January 26, 2019 edition of “In Perspective” You may view the latest post at

Success at last

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At Last, Success

I haven’t written in a while due to many factors, the most telling being Dad’s death. I’ve just felt kind of blah, a bit unmotivated and a little weepy. Writing about Dad helps tremendously and I will post another reflective piece soon. Until it’s finished, though, I want to share a most excellent news bite: the technology barrier that existed to take the  marriage and therapy professional exam has been resolved. Yes, after two years of my letters, email, and phone calls falling upon deaf ears, the Empire State finally got the news that I was a victim of discrimination. In one week after the  new deputy director heard of my situation, she flicked a magic wand and `poof!` the laptop, standard keyboard  and screen reading software  magically appeared.  I was suddenly a hot item and received calls from the State as well as the testing proctors, who outdid one another with profuse apologies. I imagine they might have bowed and kissed my slippers if not for the contact being performed via the phone lines.


Anyway, the person who stuck with me and pushed was a State employee and for whom I owe this success. Brian Daniels, I love you.


Moving forward, I have registered and paid the $245 for the exam coming up in May/June. I can’t wait to get this all behind me. It’s been  six years since I graduated with a master’s in the field of marriage and family therapy and over ten years since I first decided to pursue a license-eligible profession. It shouldn’t have taken this long but this is water under the bridge.


What have I learned? I learned not to give up or give in, to not lose hope even when things seemed to be a dead end. Once I pass the exam, I will go to the next logical career move, becoming a certified alcohol and substance abuse counselor. Then, maybe a Ph.D. I am looking into programs now and will continue to research my options and shoot for a 2014 enrollment.